Can 5 wo chicks free range with my 3 mo's?


8 Years
Mar 6, 2011
Aromas, CA
I have two 3 mo black sexlinks that have been out in the yard for over a month now. Last week I put my younger chicks out in the coop, separated from the older ones with a dog pen and with access to heat. At night, the older birds go into the coop and perch on top of the pen next to the heat lamp. So funny! So the two groups have spent time together, and I've even found one of the older ones in with the younger ones, and no one seemed to mind.

Could I let the 5 wo chicks out into the run for a couple of days and then let them range in the yard with the older birds? Is it too soon for them to be out? We normally have daytime temps in the 60's, and it's quite warm when its sunny, which is most of the time. I am anxious to have all the birds together to make things easier, but I don't want to rush it if they aren't ready. Advice much appreciated!
Give it a whirl, with supervision.

I bet they ignore each other, until you toss treats down.
I like your approach. If things don't work out, I'll set the pen back up and try again later
Thank you!

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