can a chicken break her beak?


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May 4, 2015
I have a 2 month old sea right bantam and I just realized her beak doesn't line up?? I think I would have noticed it before if it was a genetic thing so I'm thinking it might be possible that maybe she tried to fly and missed her landing. She dissent seem to be very weak from lack of food/ water but I'm just not sure what I could do to help or if anyone has ever felt with this before. Please help!!! [IMG]

It doesn't appear broken - it looks like crossbeak. You can put Cross Beak in the seachbox and a lot of articles should pop up. Sometimes it is easier for them to eat if you pile the food up, so wherever the beak tries, something might get in. I think there is even a "crossbeak caregivers" thread, where they exchange tips for coping with it.
Thank you !! I'm just glad she can still eat and drink for now at least. Hopefully it doesn't get too much worse!

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