Can a chicken die of loneliness?


9 Years
Apr 30, 2010
Laurel, Oregon
I just found my darlin' Mac. She had just died out of the blue earlier today. Her last two companions have both died so she was by herself. Ginger was nabbed by a coyote 2 years ago. Her replacement was Tosh who died last month of an infection. I hadn't been able to get another friend for her yet (was going to be this week). She had been looking mighty lonely so I was pretty worried. The last few days she wasn't even bothering to come out of the hen house. She would just stay inside all day. I would go and pet he and talk to her but she just looked sad. Just a bit ago I went down to check on her and she was gone. It looked like she just went face down and died. She didn't seem sick like Tosh had been. Ginger had also gotten egg peritonitis that I managed to pull her through. You can really tell when a chicken is sick and Mac didn't seem like that. Just lonely. Could that have done her in? Can they just give up and die? Or was it something else and it was just a coincidence? She was 6 years old and her egg laying carreer was pretty well done so I wouldn't have thought she would get an infection from a stuck or goofed up egg.
I feel terrible about it. The poor lonely thing. She had a lot of personality and I'm going to miss her. :(
Thank you for any help.
I don't know if her death could have resulted in loneliness or not but I wanted to say that I'm sorry for your loss, you seem to have loved her very much and it is SO HARD to lose a beloved chicken. My thoughts and condolences are with you.

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