Can a chicken hatch a duck egg?

If it is a dedicated broody who will sit the extra time sure. Bantam hens can have trouble keeping them warm long e enough if they are big ducks.
I put a fertilized duck egg under a hen that is broody. Will she be able to hatch it?

I used to have a little frizzle hen that was super broody and my aunt had ducks at her pond but after the babies hatched the bass would eat them or the foxes would come up and snatch them (the ducks weren't great parents). So we started stealing the eggs at night and putting them under my little hen. She would sit on 15 or so eggs at a time...that was a sight! She would hatch them all out and took care of them like she was their mother, until they started to swim. She would PANIC when they got in the water. she stood by the little bucket they had and screech and screech til they got out of the water. It was pretty funny to watch

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