can a coop have too many windows

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    Nov 5, 2010
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    I am building a coop I have some old windows from a house we tore down on the property. I am planning on useing 2 as doors so basically one sid of the coop will be window. I will have a small10"x24" window over the nest boxes (not in them the nesting boxes will be darkish.the back wll will be solid and the frontwall will be solid the window wall is a southern exposure so it will get good light all day.
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    The more glass area you have on the non-North sides of the coop, the more it heats up in summer. So you can get into a problem with that. Shadecloth or a tarp will help somewhat, of course... but if you are going to have LOTS of glassed (non-openable) area on the sunny sides, you need to find a way to keep it well shaded, and/or have QUITE A BIG LOT of ventilation elsewhere e.g. one whole wall just mesh.

    I am not certain what you mean about using windows as doors, but if you mean having the whole window hinged as a people-door, that will not work, windows are not structurally strong enough to use that way for very long before they skew and bust the glass. (If you mean sliding glass doors as people-doors, that is ok in a way except that you will spend five minutes every day picking poo out of the slider track before you can close it, which is not a great arrangement [​IMG])

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