Can a Muscovy be TOO Broody?


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Jul 14, 2009
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Some of you might know that recently one of my younger girls started laying. She laid a couple very odd eggs and then she chose her own nest and has continued to lay in it. I was planning on removing some of her eggs soon, mainly the smaller ones... Well this morning I went out to let everyone loose and found the little booger in "her" box with hay piled up all in front of her box.. pluss a few featheres here and there..

It's only been about 10 days since she laid her Very First egg!
This REALLY suprised me. I have had Silkies do this before but they were SILKIES, lol....I am wondering if i am breeding too much broodiness into the Muscovy flock?

My muscovy is almost always broody. I never get to collect her eggs because she waits until she's let out to lay and starts sitting when she gets about fifteen. She does make a good mother but picks strange places to lay.
Ten days after starting to lay does seem too soon but maybe she just needed a break from everything else.
I am also a little worried about her eggs not being fertile. I took away the 2 smallest ones and broke them open a few minutes ago and 1 was definitely, very clearly fertile but the other was not fertile, It was also one of the first ones she laid and a little mis-shapen.. i had a hell of a time getting it open and it almost expolded because the yolk inside was so huge.. I dunno how she even formed a shell around it!

Should I just leave the rest of the good-sized eggs in there for her to brood? if the newer one was fertile the rest probably are, right?

Sorry, I have Never had one of my girls do this to me before, talk about stressful!!
We weren't sure ours were fertile either. The males were hatched out in April and we've had the female for a year. Last time she went broody we gave her runner eggs because we realized she wasn't going to stop until something hatched. Every once in a while one of the males gets on the nest with her and causes eggs to roll out. I was kind of surprised to see all of the veins in them. He rolled four eggs out today, three were cracked and one was ok but all were fertile. I moved them into the incubator after patching them with wax and I'll try giving them back when it's closer to hatching time.It's so much easier to let her brood them.

I think I would leave her for a while and decide later about taking them away. She might get bored with it.

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