Can a pheasant mate with chickens?

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    I've got some friends who have chickens and they are telling me that a pheasant is mating with their chickens. Could this be true? Would a pheasant cock fly into the uncovered run and mate with chickens?

    They haven't seen the pheasant, but they say they know what a fertilized egg looks like. Since they don't have a rooster, it, therefore, must be a pheasant mating with their chickens.

    I think that a bullseye on the yolk is a sign of fertilization and they say it's blood in the egg, which I think is just a lack of Vit E or Vit A or some other lack in their feed.

    Main question: Can a pheasant mate with a chicken? Would the eggs be viable? What percentage? Would a pheasant ever be tempted to mate with a chicken? Why?

    Isn't it difficult for Jungle Fowl to mate with some chickens and produce viable eggs? Was it a male/female thing? I guess I'm trying to figure out which birds can mate with which birds. Obviously an ostrich and a penguin are incompatible, but maybe not with artificial insemination? If it were a Jeopardy! question, though, I would answer, "What is incompatible?"
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    We had a game hen hatch out chicks from a ringneck pheasant once when I was a kid.

    They didn't make it to maturity.

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