Can a pigeon look after a baby chicken?

Discussion in 'Pigeons and Doves' started by LivvyChicky, Oct 18, 2015.

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    So I can't have anymore pigeon babies and I have been taking away their eggs (the day that they lay them). My chicken eggs are fertilised and I have replaced two pigeon eggs with one chicken egg. The pigeon has been sitting on it for a few days and I am just wondering will that work? I know pigeons feed their babies and chickens don't.
    When the egg hatches, will the pigeon try and feed it?

  2. Lozuufy

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    May 20, 2012
    @silkiecuddles I believe had a pigeon raise a baby chick, be careful though that they don't try to feed it and choke/suffocate it. You may have to moniter them carefully after it hatches to make sure they are following it around and keeping it warm and put chick starter in the cage for it to eat. [​IMG]
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    Ok thanks :D I'll keep an eye on them :p
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    I had a pair raise a bantam chicken chick.. from hatching it out by accident when a hen got into their own nest.

    They did a great job.. but they got very confused.. I was surprised how well they did. The chick got hungry and jumped out of the nest onto the coop floor. The pigeon parents got very confused.. but after while they just followed it about everywhere on the ground.

    They even brooded it on the floor instead of flying back to their nest (I thought they would abandon it at night)

    The hen pigeon gave up looking after it after 2 days.. but the male pigeon loved it very much and never left its side.. even giving any chicken or pigeon a heavy slap with its wing if they got to close to his baby chick.

    Sadly the chick got badly attacked and a big wound on its head by another pigeon when it got older and started to fly into the other pigeons nests. I had to take it away from its pigeon parents at that stage... and it made a full recovery.

    So now I use the pigeons to hatch out the bantam eggs.. but then remove the chicks to a broody once they have hatched and dried out.

    If you keep the chick with just the one pair of pigeons it probably will be OK.. that is, if the pigeons decided to look after their strange acting baby.

    You may have to put a feeder and water in the nest box for the first few days to make sure the chick can eat and drink.. because it may stay in the nest longer without a mother chicken to call it down onto the floor.





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    Great pictures of the 'parent and adoptee['.
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    Thank you very much jak2002003 for so much information, (I loved the pics too)
    Also, one of my pigeon nests is up high, (higher than my head). I have tried moving it to a bit lower area, but the pigeons just stay where the nest used to be and the I had to put it back.
    And I will put food and water in the nest.
    Is it ok to take the chicken away and give it to a close relative if the mother and father abandon it?
    Or I could maybe even put a little chick underneath my hen because she has been laying.
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    I and many have/do with doves n quail.
    I've only put n raised bantams and games with doves. The doves would chase chicks down to try to feed n vomit food in pile for day or so till babies got hang of feeding from mouths.

  8. LivvyChicky

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    Ok thank you :)
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    The little chicken is just adorable.
  10. LivvyChicky

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    Hey guys! So my pigeons chicken egg hatched last night (i think?). I have put water and instead of baby chicken food, I made the chicken pellets soggy and put them in containers.
    I wasn't able to get a pic of the baby chicken, (but I did see it and it's so cute :D) because the mother kept pecking and flapping her wing at me.

    My pigeon has a nest box but has decided not to use it and make a nest right next to it. Should I move the pigeon and chicken or just leave them? I am afraid spiders might get to the chick or pigeon

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