can a polish chicken lay more than 1 egg a day


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Aug 19, 2009
lexington, KY
i guess any chicken could lay more than one egg in a day but i would expect it out of a more production type hen. i twice got 6 eggs in a day from 5 hens and both days were followed by 5 egg days


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Mar 14, 2011
New England
Chickens lay up to one egg a day....even leghorns, who are usually the white egg producers that you see in the grocery store.

Smarsh....your extra egg was likely hidden from a previous day, or could have even been moved by one of your chickens.

ChickenLover WI

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Apr 5, 2012
Willow Creek Farms
I went in and picked up egg for my 1 laying hen (Easter Chicken) had for us. Then went back in there tonight to put her away for the night and there was another egg in there! How I looked in that whole coop 4 times a day to make sure I don't miss a thing! I am confused?

Can anyone explain this to me I thought they only lay once a day! She has been laying 1 egg for two days straight and then 1 day off. But she did get mad at me when I added new 17 week old buff in the coop and wouldn't lay eggs for like a day and then started back up. The BO are not laying yet and I know they are the old Easter chicken egg by her Pastel color eggs.

Den in Penn

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Dec 15, 2011
SE Pa.
They can lay two in a day rare but it can happen. The most common way is the first egg is ready to be laid in the middle of the night. come sunrise she lays that egg. The next egg started forming a little before the last one was ready, come the end of the day the hen lays that one. The second egg is often smaller or soft shelled because it was hurried along. Another way for the second egg is a glitch in the reproductive tract causes a premature release of a yoke. This also can leads to a double yoke.

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