Can a single rooster handle 25 hens


May 1, 2019
Two of my "dominant" roosters died from different reasons,now i only have one rooster and about 22-30 hens(i have a lot of broodies),is that enough to keep my hens fertilized for hatching purposes ? or should i buy another one ?
Depends a bit on the rooster. Is he good at getting around the flock, or does he favor a few? They only need to be mated successfully every couple of weeks to have fertile eggs.

We have about 20 females. We have 2 males -one is head of the flock and keeps the other one away from the girls pretty successfully. We gathered eggs to put into an incubator, and have determined that eleven of the thirty-seven eggs set were not fertilized. Some of these non-fertilized eggs were from the same chicken, so a few chickens have not been successfully mated in our flock. One of them is heavily feathered, so could be feathers getting in the way.

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