Can adding more birds to the flock decrease laying?

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    Hi there - So my 30-week-old EE pullet, Golden, has been laying almost an egg a day for the past month at least. About a week I ago I began integrating 5 new EEs (after appropriate quarantine period of 30 days) into the existing flock. Since that time, Golden has only laid one egg. (Or, more accurately, she has only laid one egg that I found.) The flock that the 5 newbies are being added to has 3 BOs, 3 RIRs and Golden, the EE. Golden was near the top of that pecking order - I think #2.

    So, what do you think is going on? Do pullets stop laying if something in their environment is in transition, like adding more girls? I don't think she's laying in some secret spot that I can't find because her sisters are still laying in the nest boxes. Any thoughts? Could adding more birds cause her to slow down for a bit? Thanks a lot for your help.
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    I really can't give you a definate answer but it seems that anything that upsets their routine could affect laying. She should get back to normal once she gets used to the new girls.

    I had a few girls go broody and they took over the usual laying nest and it did upset the others. After a while, they found other places to lay but I'm not sure they're entirely happy about it. One of them definately hasn't been laying as much since this all began. It's my only EE, so it's easy to keep track of her as she is the only one that gives me green eggs.

    Good luck! Genie
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    Anything that upsets their usual routine can upset them enough to interfer with their laying it seems like.

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