Can African and Chinese Geese get Along?


Aug 1, 2016
For a little backstory, I'm helping two good friends of mine who are taking care of our deceased friend Ray's house. Ray had 2 geese, Albus and Priscilla. Priscilla was attacked and killed by a raccoon a few weeks ago. We want to get Albus a new friend, so he's not so lonely. The only problem is, we are not sure if he is a Chinese, or African goose. Do any of you know if Chinese and African geese get along well, or of any easy way to tell the difference between them? Much appreciated!
Here are a few pictures of them from the back, Albus on the left, Priscilla on the right.

And a recent image taken of Albus
The two breeds are vary simulator but the African is build bigger than the Chinese. From looking at them I would guess Africans.
now I would be careful when introducing a new bird especially a adult, because Africans and Chinese are know as the gard dogs of the goose world. But ill tell you a story so I had 2 Africans female and male they where a year old and I got these gosling at Bomgaars 2 Africans and 2 Saddlebacks I had them separate for 5 weeks and I walked them outside (them fallowing me) and the 2 older African always had a interest in these gosling and would fallow them as they where fallowing me. So one day I let my older geese spend time with them and they where all good with each other but the 2 Africans started to be more careful with them when I say this they where charging the cats and hissing at the dog. So I hope that might of helped.

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