can age of egg effect chicks


12 Years
Jan 15, 2008
Central Florida
I am hatching silkies and marans at the moment and I have had 3 chicks die in the shell and 2 hatch, then die. I have one small silkie about, 5 days, and it is acting very lethargic (not eating/drinking and dropping its head). Last year, every egg I hatched from this incubator died within 1 week...every single one. My thought was, since I bought it used, it was infected with Coccidiosis. I did sanitize it but not good enough. This year, I have hatched 15 healthy chicks, and they are still alive. But this one clutch of silkies I am having a problem with: 3-4 have died/dying. There was only 10 in the clutch. These eggs I found when my hen disappeared, and I went looking for her and found the eggs. I wasnt sure how long they had been there, and I think they were exposed to several rainstorms, but they were still fertile and hatched. Could the age and condition of the eggs before I put them in have affected the chicks' condition now? They hatched with no problem. When I peeled the dead chicks out of the shells though, I noticed that there was liquid inside the shells. And even some of my chicks struggle to get out becuase they dry in the shell because it was so wet. One even drowned after it pipped(the wet liquid egg contects even bubbled out. I know this caused by too much humidity(right), even though it is reading just about perfect on my hygrometer(isnt it 85-87 relative?). I even had 2 maran chicks die in the shell. Could anyone tell me if I have a combination of problems, or if it is just humidity?
Thank you for any info you can give!!!
You might want to test your hygrometer to see if it is accurtate. You are right, it sounds like the humidity is too high.
I am sure someone experienced with incubation and hatching will be along shortly.

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