Can all breeds of chickens live in harmony?


12 Years
Jun 1, 2010
New Jersey
I am extrememly new to chickens. I startd with 2 pullets a Maran and an Olive Egger, after 2 days we are down to 1. I want to get Silkies, can the Maran and Silkies live together in the same coop? I will be getting a leghorn and a red star as well as 2-3 other larger breeds, will all live in harmony?
Chickens do best together when raised together since hatching. You might have trouble integrating two flocks.

Once they get used to each other, they should be fine, though.
I am apparently a "collector" - have 9 hens - only 2 are the same breed and they get along GREAT!!

There are lots of integrating tricks - space , distraction , visual introduction for a period of time.... others....

I have added hens along the way - had some trouble but hung in there tried different tricks
and THEY figured out how to get along. I noticed which ones are more docile breeds and made sure
I protect them as much as they need until the rougher breed assimilated .

I even have a tiny (tiny tiny) silkie who is right in ther with GIANT standard Cochins, and Sussexs
she hold her own , has a stubborn streak and will not move if they want her to !

I have been lucky so far!

Good luck! Read lots !
My marans are big adorable woosies.... I have alot of different breeds in the same pen and am usually adding to/removing from throughout the year. There are gonna be dominance squabbles until the new pecking order is established. I don't ever add just one or two chickens to the pen- I always add at least 10. I also provide LOTS of hiding places throughout the pen for the lower totem pole chickies. When I add, I do it right before dusk and give lots of corn as a treat. By the time they are done with the corn, they are usually mingling together fairly well and the new chickens follow the old ones into the coop and up on the roosts. There are usually a couple squabbles the next day but I've never had anything serious happen.

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