can an egg be fertile if a room mates and lays the same day

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    Apr 19, 2014
    I want to incubate some eggs I got a rooster 2 days ago and I saw him mate except one hen today he mated her and she laid an hour after that is the egg fertile or do I have to wait tomorrow till the sperm goes in the shell she is very aggressive to him but it looks like he got her

    (I might sound confusing I miss Sry)
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    Best to wait a few days, at least.
    Start looking at blastoderm on yolks, when you break eggs for eating, to see if they are fertile.

    The sperm does not go thru the shell.
    Here's good video to learn about egg formation and fertilization:
    Egg Formation Video
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    Eggs are fertilised at the start of the formation process, roughly 25 hours before it's laid. Wait a few days and check the blastoderm, before collecting eggs for incubating. Good luck with your future hatch!
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    Apr 19, 2014
    Well my incubators is not working so I have a broody hens has 3 eggs under her but I just got a rooster and I want to put more eggs under not sure if there fertile I can't crack an egg and wait tomorrow eggs she has been sitting for 2 days now I don't want her to keep waiting days more how long do hens sit until she comes of eggs
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    Most broodies will sit until the eggs hatch. We've had broodies sit even as we took the eggs away. Finally we relented and let them hatch some. In these cases they may have been sitting for up to a total of five weeks.

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