Can any breed be cuddly?


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I'm new to the site first off, we are planning on getting some chicks by have never had any before. We have two young children and would love for our bird to be great pets along with getting the benefits of eggs also, the eggs are not as big a concern though. I keep seeing that some birds have different pros and cons, some have both as a pro and con that they are very cuddly or friendly. Does it really matter the breed, or if they are just handled regularly from a young age? Any suggestions on a breed? Remember first time chicken owners or soon to be. Children are 5 and 10. Thanks for any help!
I found the best breed for young kids are bantam Cochins. They are easy to catch and really friendly. However they lay small eggs. I switched to Orpingtons and they have been just as great. They are a large breed of chicken and lay 250+ eggs a year. I show mine all the time and it is the only one that will stand still for holding / petting. Also the roosters can be very docile if you ever wanted to breed chickens in the future.

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I second the bantam Cochin recommendation.

Also d'Uccle hens can be very cuddly (the roosters not so much). Actually I recommend that my kids never even hold the roosters.

Nankins are also very tame if you spend time with them.

Orpingtons are fine...they are a bit clingy though, and whiny. I switched to Black Australorps and they are great as well, but less clingy and quieter. Maybe you want clingy!!

Easter Eggers can be very friendly, or standoffish. You never know how they will turn out.

They have bantam EEs as well, that are quite cute but can be a little flighty or friendly also.

Silkies are of course always mentioned as a good kid breed. Silkie roosters can be chasing my kids across the yard, or friendly. The hens are fine.

So Cochins, Silkies, and Orpingtons are frequently mentioned on BYC as good kid-friendly breeds to have. Remember that roosters should not be kids' pets really...they can turn on you in an instant and go for the eyes, even after having them 2 years. Bantam roosters though are a lot less intimidating.

Silkies and Cochins don't lay many eggs. They go broody a lot and don't lay during that time either. So if you really need some eggs don't forget to include some nice Red Sex Links (Golden Comets, etc.) for eggs - they are really good at cranking them out. They can be a bit aggressive though, so if you add some hens later the Red Sex Links might be bullying the new ones while the Cochins leave them alone, for example.

Black Australorps are good egglayers too.
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