Can anyone come get this emu?

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  1. DrRonni

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    Mar 4, 2013
    This female emu showed up on my back pasture around 6. Months ago. She is quite tame, comes up,to get fed, and follows me all around our farm. Likes the horses, watches the ducks and chickens. She has not been confined, and has recently taken a dislike to my husband. I need to find her a new home. We live in Fayetteville, NC. I would like her to have a good home, it would be best if someone could come get her, since my horse trailer is out of commission, but if you are kinda' close maybe we could get a friend to help. Thanks, please email to [email protected] if you can. I am not sure how to use this group well.
  2. ES Emus

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    wish we were closer!
  3. IlaWampa

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    Mar 12, 2012
    REALLY wish we were closer... we just lost one of our two and our female is very lonely. We are in Kentucky near Bardstown. We are searching for a new companion for her. If there was any way to get her her we would be glad to have her!
  4. ES Emus

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    We will be as far south as Buxton, NC this weekend!!!
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  5. breezy

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    Jan 7, 2009
    Sand Coulee MT
    Im sorry to say that I cannot help you with your bird but I did want to share.... My husband just walked behind me as I was reading this thread. He saw the title and immediately began the" No Way you can get an emu" speech. Near gave him a stroke! [​IMG] Does it make me a bad wife that his instant reaction totally made me go evil and tell him that I was going to rent a trailer and go on a road trip?
  6. yinepu

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    lol.. you can fit one in a big dog kennel.. lol
  7. Tame Emu Guy

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    Quick Quiz:

    true or false: there was a species of dwarf emu.

    Answer: true! Three of the six species extant at the time of European settlement have been rendered extinct. One species was dwarf, Dromaius baudinianus, a forest dweller (!?)

    Could we clone one from DNA? They did it in Jurassic Park.

    Surely the only thing better than an enormous enormous bird would be a miniature enormous bird?

    Supremely Small Emu

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  8. Hankdog1

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    Nov 27, 2009
    Cedar Bluff, VA
    I would come down and get it but I've got trees across the fence on the farm and couldn't keep it in if I wanted to. Plan to get back into raising some Emus and Rheas but gotta get my fences back up before I can do anything.

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