Can anyone give me some 12x12 coop advice?


7 Years
Oct 29, 2012
Hey everyone!
My dad bought some chickens earlier this year but they have outgrown his little coop so he asked me to build him a 12x12 coop for them.
I've never built a shed or a chicken coop before so this is my first time! I'm not sure how I should go about the design.
The spot where he wants me to build it is on a bit of a slope.
Can anyone give me some advice or designs for an elevated 12x12 coop?
I'll list some of the main materials he has on hand for it.
12 2x4s that are 12 feet long
12 2x4s that are 8 feet long
10 4x12s
5 4x16s
12 4x8 foot pieces of plywood
metal sheet roofing

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At the top of the page a several tabs. One says Coops.
Have you looked in that section. The coops are broken into groups based on size.
I just randomly sected this one from the large coop group. It is for an 8 x 12 coop.

The people who submit entries into each group include blueprints, instructions, material etc.
If you haven't spent anytime in this part of BYC, you should give it a look over
I actually did check that section out after I posted this and I got a better idea of what I should be doing.
The floor and foundation was the only tricky part but it went really well and the chickens seem to love it.
Just make sure you have posts (4x4 treated) in the ground at least 2 feet to prevent frost from pushing them out of the ground. If you live in a cold climate. Good luck. Anything you build they will be happy with.

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