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Mar 23, 2009
Sandy, UT
Yesterday we had a windstorm that blew a coop door open. My dauchshund wiped out most of my flock.
I have 3 chickens left. One is very hurt, my favorite, a barred cochin named Pompei.
She was bitten on the head, she won't stand but does seem alert for now. All my silkies were killed, most of my cochins, and all but one of my Polish. I got some female polish today in buff, golden, silver and white. The lady I bought them from is letting me barrow her incubator. Can anyone sell me silkie or cochin eggs for a good price?

P.S. The dauchshund is gone.
I usually send out a package for only $10. Shipping included. That's a 7x7x? and i usually get 12+ in there. I have pure black silkies (but they may still be fertile from my buff, i seperated them out last week), and my cochins.... my bantam is a buff girl, her roo is white.
Not sure if she'll be giving me any eggs soon.... ugh!

eta: im not looking to make a profit, just want to make people happy and not charge an arm and a leg.

heres a post where i sent out about 7 boxes for super cheap.
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I keep all bantams. Any help would be appreciated. the feed stores here are now selling out and not getting more.
Right now i have 2 silkie girls who are laying, they both have been giving me an egg a day. My leghorns are laying... (thinking...), my polish are laying (those are my frizzle,polish project eggs).... my ducks are laying, and my giant barred cochins WERE laying. Havent gotten eggs from them in a while. UGH! I'd swear they are eating them. What would you like?

I know for sure that my khaki campbell duck is laying pure. Not sure who my other duck is yet. LOL. Those i'll stick in my incubator to find out. Could be pure crested pekin or a mixed cayuga....

Just let me know what you want.

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How soon do you need the eggs? The earliest I could get them out would be next week.
p.s. the way i do paypal is i contact you when the eggs are ready, THEN you pay.

my stupid giant cochins havent been on schedule for a month.... so i have someone who paid over a month ago, thank God shes so patient and sweet. Payment must make my birds stop laying LOL
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Oh gosh--I don't have eggs--hopefully next year--but don't be angry at the poor little Dachy. It is just as natural for him to kill chickens as it is for chickens to chase a bug. For most dogs, except some of the herding and guarding breeds, that is something they just do.

Even my dainty little Italian Greyhounds have a heck of a prey drive and cannot be allowed near the chickens. They are fenced. (The chickens are free range, the dogs are fenced.) And although Nancy the Deerhound has eventually grasped that it makes me unhappy if she kills chickens, I would not place any bets on her not doing so should a chicken be so foolish as to fly the fence.

I am hoping to convince my husband that we cannot live without an English Shephert to guard the chickens, but he will be different, as he has been taught from a small puppy to guard and herd chickens, not to chase/kill/eat them.

Ooooooo Forgive the poor little Dachy.

She has killed 6 chickens prior to this, got one of my daughters day old chicnchillas 2 weeks ago and slaughtered 9 chickens last night. THeir deaths are not nearly as hard as it was for me to decide to rehome her. I love her so.
i don't have eggs, but if i could i would:) i love helping out. i don't even have banties lol. only two black cochins.. and no eggs:( and i've had them for two weeks. so we will see. if i get any eggs any time soon.. ill contact you:) if you want them yet. it's hard when a dog kills your babies. i know.. been there, done that. my fave. wyandottes were decimated by my dog. i still have her.. but i slapped her silly with a dead chicken lol. and she doesn't chase the chickens now... even when hubby forgot the dog outside for a couple hours.. i was surprised.. chickens were pecking quietly at the ground.. and she was waiting on the steps to be let back in lol.

good luck filling that bator up. i wish you the best.

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