Can anyone help improve my coop?

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    Feb 6, 2012
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    My house I moved into last year came with a coop and chickens! Unfortunately we had a raccoon attack about a month ago and I lost my two ladies. I ordered a dozen chicks that should arrive early April. I have two months to reinforce the coop and add any additional remodels you guys can suggest.


    Coop and run space. My best guess is 12x12 or so total space fenced in.


    Fenced area with perches galore

    Shed converted coop with 5 nest boxes, shelf, and perch. Maybe 4x6 or so. If I plan on keeping all 12 chicks should I start building another coop? The shed coop has a door, but it has rusted open. I usually just locked the run door and they always seemed good. Should I be worried that the coop is exposed on one side? Any tips to make the shed a little more comfortable for my ladies?

    Ps- I cant rotate my picture for some reason.

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