Can anyone help me identify 4 chicks. Maybe Buff and RIR?'s


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Jan 29, 2013
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Hello and good morning ev1,
I was given these 4 chicks last night and the lady I got them from had no idea what they were breedwise or sexwise. Someone had bought them for her kids and she had hid them from her landlord as long as she could but she got busted and was to told to get rid of them or move so she gave them to me. The only info she could give me was that they were born on March 31st. Maybe. That would make them about 3 weeks old. They seem very large for 3 weeks old to me but I could be wrong. They are the same size as my 6 week old Silkies, about 6-8 inches tall? 2 of them look like maybe Buff Orpintons to me and the other 2 I thought might be either RIR's or Golden Buffs/Golden Comets? Again, I have no idea, its just a guess. I have never had chicks in either of these breeds but I looked up pics last night for hours trying to figure it out myself.... Also, if anyone could take a guess as to sex, it would be great!

Thanks in advance,

pic1. 2 reds?

pic2. 2 buffs? 1 red?

pic3. another shot of 2 buffs? 1 red?

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