Can anyone help me identify this?

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    I have a question about eggs one of my hens is laying, specifically spot inside the egg in the white and the yolk. My hen Red is an everyday layer. She seems in good health, save for having splayed feathers, [​IMG]


    but her eggs are iffy. First of all she is a brown/red egger. Is it normal for her eggs to be spotted with brown flecks? Also her eggs some times have red debris looking stuff inside them on the yolk and in the whites. This occurs in most of her eggs and she is the only hen that has this issue. I'm including pics of the yolks and white. Anyone know what might be causing this? I"m assuming it isn't a natural thing. We don't use these eggs when we find the speckles. Most of the eggs we collect from her are affected like this. This is not external debris coming into contact with the inside stuff. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.

    Also the hens have not been with roosters in several months. (edited to add this)
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    Blood spots and meat spots can be common in 1% of all white eggs, and more common in heavy brown egg layers. The ones from the stores are candled and weeded out for spots, but there is nothing wrong with them. They tend to be more common in older layers. Here are some good articles:
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    I had this with my black copper maran, almost all her eggs. she laid beautiful dark brown eggs, but I don't like the spots. so I would not give them to customers.

    it does seem to have something to do with color pigment and is not harmful, just does not look very good..

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