can anyone post pics for refrence for me


8 Years
Jun 16, 2011
New York
we have 82 buff orpington chicks that are 4 weeks old. I have some that i definately think are roos which is fine i ordered them just for that purpose they would be meat. since i ordered 100 surplus chicks cause the cost of them worked out slightly cheaper and not knowing what breed was coming till they arrived. anyway 2 died within a couple days of getting them and we sold 16. If i have any girlies i want to sell them as well since i have plenty of pullets that are red sex links for layers
i have just six buff orpingtons that i got on straight run. i came out 3 and 3 pretty sure.Noticed the combs on 3 of them is substancially larger than the other 3, After that, it seemed in the next 3 weeks the larger comb birds are growing at a little faster rate. Im assuming the larger comb birds are rooster. No promises tho. just a guess. good luck

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