Can anyone recomend a Book?

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    What I want is a book of samples. Something that shows what short wings, long wings, square body etc... really looks like. I really have no idea what they mean in the standards, applying it to a chicken. What are short legs vs long, etc... I can't seem to find a book that covers that information. If anyone knows of one, I'd sure appreciate the information ;)

    Thanks so much!!!

    Dang, Recommend is forever misspelled.....[​IMG]
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  3. cluck-cluck

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    The thing is, I don't know if the Standard of Perfection will show this information, the way you just showed me? Does it actually have examples now? I've downloaded the 1914? version on Google books, but they didn't have examples of everything (especially what is square, wing size, etc...) So I was hesitant to purchase the book.

    If you have it and could take a look for me, if they have such information, I'd feel a lot better about purchasing the book, [​IMG] Thank you so much for your help!

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