Can anyone spot any signs of a roo? I think I hear early crowing from at least one!!


7 Years
May 7, 2012
Plymouth, MA
We're new chicken owners, so I probably couldn't spot a roo if it were peckin me in the shins!

We bought 6 chicks from a feed store. 2 Orpingtons, 2 Americaunas (though they don't really look alike), a Rhode Island Red, and A Barred Rock
They're about 5-6 weeks old now, and just went into their new coop last night! It's about to rain, and they know it, so I had to take pictures through the fencing, as they all want me to just bring them right back in the house, and come running when I open the door!

This is Isabella, my sweet little Plymouth Barred Rock.

This is Rosie, the sweetest Rhode Island Red i think you'll ever meet! (IMHO) I just LOVE her to pieces!

Stevie, another sweetie. Buff Orpington.

Bobbie, my other BO? EE? A little less sweet.... very skiddish, and does NOT prefer to be held!

This is Lumpy (lol - my kids named him/her), my EE. Doesn't want to be touched, and very bossy with the others. Also possibly try to crow?

Last but not least, Twinkerbell, my other EE. Doesn't want to be held, walked near, Not quite as bossy with the flock though.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!
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I see no obvious males in that group, certainly not the BR or RIR. The last Easter Egger (you do not have Ameraucanas) is the only one I might even question, but nothing that screams cockerel to me on any of them. Pea combs usually are wider on males than females, who have a sort of single ridge and get the two other ridges much later on as they mature.

The 5th pic down is not a Buff Orp. It's an Easter Egger with a single comb. You see the beard and muffs and the bluish color in the body and tail area? In fact, the 4th pic almost looks like it has a beard, too. I'm not sure I see any pure Buff Orpingtons in your photos.
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Ha! Well, that's what you get from the feed and grain store bunch!

Thanks for the info! I was skeptical on the Americaunas (EE's), because when I searched for images of them, they did not seem to fit.

You surprise me about the BO's, though, Stevie did just get the beard in muffs recently, and that really had me puzzled.

Thanks for the info!
I agree, I don't see anything that screams roo yet, and your second "buff orpington" is actually an EE.

EEs are a mutt breed that can come in any color, so that's probably why you didn't find pictures that helped you. They are very lovely looking through, and their eggs are pretty.

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