can anyone suggest a processor in columbus ohio general vicinity?


8 Years
Feb 10, 2011
Baltimore, OH
I have not got a reply back from Ohio Poultry Assoc so can anyone help me with finding a processor within 25 mi of Baltimore OH? Thats 20 mi east of Columbus. Thanks!
The Risslers are in Shiloh. They do a great job, facility is spotless, price is fair. 419-896-2468.
There is a great place for breakfast right around the corner. We are about an hour, drop off the birds, go have breakfast and pick them up.

We called our local co-op to see if they could recommend processors. Meyer Hatchery might know of some as well.
I will call the chicken store! The OPA had a list they sent to me today but the closet are 1.5 hrs away and i would prefer to avoid the freeway if possible- i only have a rickety old trailer:/
Thanks for your suggestions!!
I live in the Columbus area and this flat out makes me angry that there is no where to take meat birds for processing/
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The closest place to you, that we reccommed is Johnson Farms in Wilmington, OH. Here is the contact info:

Walt & Leslee Johnson
3936 Farmers Rd
Wilmington, OH 45177
Is that how it's spelled I tried to find address and couldn't. Do u have the address?
Thanks for the info! still an hour and a half on the freeway *sigh* well i hope to find a good Amish farm! I would imagine they dont advertise much. I am also posting an ISO here at work and craigslist. Otherwise i guess i better start bracing myself to DIY:)

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