Can anyone tell me how to differentiate midnight BS chicks from Buford Bronze BS at 5 weeks?


8 Years
Dec 7, 2011
I got my pair of midnight BS chicks I've been looking for, BUT, the breeder had a pen of bronze BS, as well and was running the babies together. When it came right down to it, neither he nor I could tell which was which, so I've either got Buford Bronze BS or Midnight BS. Also I may have 2 females instead of a pair. So, I looked at the pics but that didn't really help, so I'm hoping one of you here can verbally tell me what the 2 should look like, one as opposed to the other. I'm not real worried because I'll end up with midnight BS either way, but it would be nice to know what i'm feeding right now.
I have no idea how to tell the difference especially if they are very small peachicks. Sorry I thought someone had replied to this!

Uhm well just from googling, and I am not sure how big your chicks are, but this page shows a photo of a midnight blackshoulder chick and in the other photo it shows a bronze chick, but it isn't a bronze blackshoulder.

I would say contact a large peafowl breeder that raises both varieties. Sid of Texaspeafowl has both of those varieties and he is very friendly. He won't take ages to reply to your email and I am sure you could call him. There are others you could probably contact but Sid is definitely very quick to reply, just make sure you put peafowl in the subject line if you email him because otherwise I don't think he will look at the email. Here is his site:

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