Can anyone tell me what kind of bird this may be?


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Mar 7, 2011
I'm new here & can't yet upload a pic, but...2 months ago, this bird ended up in our yard. I've done some internet researching, but i'm unable to really nail down what type (girl or boy, even) this bird is (could be a black star). It's black with a green sheen, black beak, black & yellow legs, bottom of feet are yellow & it has red & black feathers growing in at the back of the neck. Any help would be appreciated.
First of all
Do you have any photo's
Thank you both sooo much!!! He just wandered in on New Year's eve, it's nice now to know what he is! I was thinking he could be an asil, i just don't know much about birds/poultry.
Thank you again!
Thanks, he's a pretty good pet. He stays in the washroom & when we're home, he gets free reign around the house. We thought he may be a game cock because he likes to pick on the smallest dog & the smallest cat in the house (out of 4 dogs & 2 cats)!

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