can barring affect shank color?


Barring almost if not always turns willow/green to yellow, black to yellow, and I believe but haven't personally seen enough, that it can lighten slate or make it more pink/white than slate. Not fully sure on that one though.
seems like the effect is only to the dermis and even that is only because Barring and Dermal inhibitor(Id) are closely linked for about 13 maps unit. so they don't segregate independently..

are there dark shanked Barred birds? yes
most barred bird that show dark shanks are heterozygous for B/b+ and heterozygous for Id/id+ because you would need to hatch about 60 chicks to obtain 1 B/B id+/id+ bird..

rooster with dark shanks

cockerel with dark shanks

and a hen.
I think it depends a lot on the heritage/ breeding of the fowl.
I've seen Barred Rocks (and other Barred breeds) here in the U.S. and pictures of Barred Fowl from Germany that have little to no discoloring to the shanks.
Barred Rock (not my bird)
Wyandotte (not my bird)


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