Can Black Sex Link Pullet be totally black?


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I have a black pullet I was told is a black sex link, about 4-5 months old. BUT, all the pics I've seen of this variety have red/brown feathers on the neck and chest. Mine doesn't. When the sun is on her, her feathers show green and blue iridescence. It makes me think she may be an Australorp.


Could she still be a Black Sex Link? Are there any other tell tale signs that will indicate one versus the other?

Thanks for your help!

i'm not 100% certain because i'm so new to this chicken thing myself, but she looks just like our 3 black austrolorps (although ours are only 2 months old)

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my BSL didnt get her orange feathers until after she started laying, even. now, she only has a teeny tiny patch of them just underneath her chin, and she's a little over 1 year now. her sister, on the other hand, had a full orange neck and chest at 20 weeks. that's all my experience with BSL's... anyway, i'm not sure what you have, but she still might not have the orange if she is a BSL.

here's my girl now:
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I have 2 BSL pullets, see the pics is clearly showing color around her neck the other, is FINALLY at 8 weeks....
I thought I had grabbed 3 Australorps by accident!



So since I am new to BSL, I would say, give it time and you will know, mine took forever to show coloring.
By looking at your pics, and the fact I just raised 5 Australorp roos, yours does look like one. Does she have ANY white feathers on her wings, underneath
A great egg layer btw!
Thanks for the post. Waiting is definitely something I'll be doing. No matter how much I read ahead of time it always seems there was something I missed. Both breeds sound very good, I'm just rather curious.
Hmmm. I looked up more info. on the Sumatra and found this:
Sumatras are an exceedingly rare breed of chicken with a personality closer to that of a wild game bird than a domestic chicken: they are thought to be closely related to the jungle fowl of the Far East. Like the Silkie, they also have black skin and black bones.

Based on this, I'm pretty sure it's not a Sumatra. But thanks for the input.
I don't see any white feathers at all. Would white feathers indicate Australorp or BSL?

My Australorps have a slight white tip on the under wings....just keep posting pics and we will see what you have.

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