Can chickens have seizures?


10 Years
Jun 6, 2009
My little sister got two baby chicks, newly hatched, from her science teacher two days ago.
One of them, Buttercup, was dropped by my brother the very first day we had them. Luckily, she stood up again and seemed to shake it off. It appeared that there had been no damage done.
However, this morning my brother noticed that Buttercup was behaving very oddly. She was tilting her head back, so that it was completely upside down. She would then lose her balance and fall over backwards, twitching and kicking her legs about. She had a lot of difficulty getting back up again.
This strange behavior has continued all day. What's more, our other chick Chipmunk seems to be very uncomfortable by this behavior, and when Buttercup is on her back for too long, Chipmunk will peck at her eye and wing.
The other thing is that the first night we had the chicks, we didn't have a red light to keep on them. We put red tissue paper under the light, but it didn't have the same effect as a real red light. Could something have happened because they got too cold as we were adjusting, or maybe because of Chipmunk's pecking?

We are very worried about our little dears! Please help us!
I would guess trauma to the head when she/he fell. Could be swelling in the brain or blot clot from the fall .Could be a concussion.I know in humans swelling can take days to develope in the brain. Not sure what else it could be..Or maybe trauma to the back and nerves. I hope that little one makes it tho:)

Course of action.. no clue on that. Just keep it comfortable I guess and see what happends. ?

Good luck:)


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