Can Deer Netting Keep Hawks and Eagles out?


Dec 22, 2016
I am putting together my run and burying some hardwire mesh cloth bellow the ground around the pen so animals can't dig in and chickens can't dig out. My 4 silkies and 2 ISA browns were outside in the run with me and I started to see 2 eagles already circling around. My mother had gotten me deer netting (the sort you put on fruit trees to keep birds and deer from eating it) to cover the run with so I started putting that up but the first thing I noticed was it was flimsy as hell and ripped from next to no pressure. It would get caught on the hardware cloth and dog panel fencing and just start tearing holes in it while I put it up. I decided to put it into 3 layers so it was a little more sturdy but in all reality is this actually going to keep eagles and hawks out of my coop or should I go get poultry fencing instead and throw this junk out? It's already becoming a nightmare just to put it up and snags even on the wooden beams we put up so the roof on the run would be high enough for people to walk around in.

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