Can ducks get chicken lice?


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Apr 13, 2013
Hi Guys,

A newbie here, I recently got 2 ducks and 2 (now 1) chicken. I've just discovered the chicken now has lice. I am concerned will it spread to the ducks - they all share the one coop at present. I checked the duck I could catch, but couldn't see anything on her.

Any advice/knowledge greatly appreciated.

I don't know if they can but get some diamotamaceaous earth and spread it around the pen and on the birds. It should get rid of the lice.
Thanks for that. I've already spread the DE in the pen, on the chicken in question (I only have one chicken) and also in the dust bath area a couple of days ago. She only had a few (no eggs laid yet), however I haven't seen any change or reduction since doing this. I'm waiting to get limewash, clean the coop, lime it and set it up again (I don't have a spare to put them into). Just wondering if there is anything else I can do?

Do you put DE on the ducks as well, or just in the coop? Any other hints? Can chickens get fleas, could it be fleas instead of lice?

Cheers, appreciate any advice?


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