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I used to take my peacock to Tractor Supply and Petsmart and everyone loved him, but Southern California has been battling Exotic Newcastle Disease since May of 2018, so if you live in California, or any neighboring states, I would not do it. If you live elsewhere, do call and get permission because with this Newcastle outbreak they might not want any avian visitors.

December 23, 2019 - Virulent Newcastle Disease Update from State Veterinarian Dr. Annette Jones
Over the past month, Virulent Newcastle disease cases have increased because people have violated the CDFA VND Regional Quarantine by moving infected birds or contaminated equipment and secondary spread to neighboring flocks. We now have 20 new cases under investigation, all linked to the recent Bloomington area outbreak. Most of the cases are in San Bernardino County, with two in Riverside County and one in Los Angeles County. Backyard flocks as well as retail pet/feed stores are involved.
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chickens really

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they are perfectly healthy. they’ve already been to the vet. they’ve been on walks around the neighborhood before. they love meeting new people and people love meeting them. i see it no more dangerous than bringing a dog to petco. they’ll be leashed and in the cart the whole time.
I'm talking about them catching something from outside places and Birds.


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I've brought my ducks into TSC on a multitude of times and had nothing but greetings from both staff and customers. To my knowledge their only policy regarding animals in store is that they be leashed and well behaved. I know the same applies to Petsmart.
Can't speak for Petco, wouldn't hurt to call or send an email.

Though it would be a good idea to keep in mind that dogs often frequent those establishments and most aren't accustomed to waterfowl. I've had a number try to jump up on me and lunge at my birds.
Younger children also have a habit of running up and poking/grabbing necks.
So just keep an eye out. :D
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