Can free choice oyster shell hurt?

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    I have 4 Orpingtons and 2 Brahmas that I got this spring, and 1 of the brahmas is starting to lay. She's only laying very small eggs, about every other day. I wanted to get her some extra calcium, but figured that switching all of them to layer feed (from the grower feed, I use the TSC house brand) might give the others too much calcium. I saw in a number of threads here the recommendation to give some free choice oyster shell, so I got some and put it out today in an extra feeder. And, of course, all of the chickens went right over and started eating it. So - can it hurt if they aren't laying yet? Any other ideas for what to feed when only 1 of our 6 girls is laying? Thanks -

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    At first they all will eat some but not to worry, they're just checking it out. The ones that are not laying will cease to eat it until needed.
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    Mine downed a bunch of it when I first offered it as it was something new and exciting to try. Now they only take what they need.
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    Can free choice oyster shell hurt?

    Yes, if you drop a big bag on your toe​
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    Quote:Yes, if you drop a big bag on your toe

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    Quote:Yes, if you drop a big bag on your toe


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