Can guineas learn to drink from a water bottle?


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Apr 28, 2009
I swear, my guineas are worse than ducks when it comes to keeping water clean (and not dumping it).

I bought them a rabbit style waterer but they don't seem to get it. I know chickens can learn- has anyone ever had guineas pick up on it?

I thought they'd want to peck at the shiny metal tip, but no luck.
i dont think there that smart LOL

i use a 3 gallon water for my 4 and they dont tip it
Hmm... well, with temps in the upper 90's this week I think I will leave it in there but keep giving them water in a bowl too!
My 4 keets have been drinking from a rabbit bottle since day 2. I picked each one up and touched their beak to it and then just watched to make sure they used it. First, one would do the pecking and the others drank the water that fell to the floor, but it only took a day before they all used it.
Mine drink from a water bottle, but a also keep a bucket of water in their pen.

My chickens drink from a water bottle, especially young chickens. to get them started just sqeeze the water bottle til it about drips and this attracts the birds to peck at the drip. works great!

Just thought I;d update and report that they seem to have learned! I figured out if I set it at the "wrong" angle, it has a slow drip. Did that for a few days so they got used to drinking the drips, then set it upright and they'd peck at the ball looking for water.

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