Can I combine chick starter with tetracycline in the water???

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    Sep 25, 2010
    Cuz I just did...

    I have a mama banty and her 3 day (or so) old peep. Baby would have died last night if I hadn't rescued him/her- it was cold and mama was stupid/neglectful. The other peep already died, and mama had a history of losing babies, which is why the owner was happy for me to take the pair. Now they are both in a brooder and doing pretty well. They were SOOOO thirsty last night, they drank tons.

    Last night, peeper aspirated some fresh water during his third round of guzzling water. He spit most out, and I held him head down, and he was doing fine within a minute, but I started them on Duramycin-10 (Tetracycline Hydrochloride soluble powder) at twice the label dose (when talking with the rep previously, that's what they are generally suggesting now). It's 1/2 tsp per 3 cups of water.

    I went to the store to get medicated starter (Mana Pro with amprollium). They are much happier eating that then the combo of parrot food and wild bird seed they got last night ;)

    But just to make sure- does anyone know if you can combine tetracycline and amprollium? They are two totally different drugs, but I wanted to make sure. I don't normally heavily medicate, but I'm worried about this peep's chances.

    Also, mama broke out with some nasty diarrhea this morning. Yesterday she had normal droppings. She also has some serious sour crop- it was baseball size last night (and she's just a banty!) and it was almost half that this morning. I gave a little yogurt, but with the tetracycline... *shrugs*

    Peeper has fairly good droppings from what I've seen. Now if only he would eat more!
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    Well the medicated chick starter has such a low dose of the coccidiostat that I personally wouldn't worry. It isn't even enough to prevent all coccidiosis occurrences.

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