Can I feed purina goat chow to my chickens


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9 Years
Dec 26, 2010
I have about 1/3 bag of purina goat chow that I am not feeding my goats. It is not bad but they are gaining weight and I am cutting them back to just grass hay. I am wondering if I can feed it to my girls (hens) or if it would be bad for them. It does contain some copper and I know that it would not be good for sheep or other animals, just didn't know if chickens could eat it or not. If not I will just compost it, but it has grain and other goodies in it that I thought the girls might like. Thanks so much everyone. Happy moulting season..
Thanks so much. The Purina Goat Chow has a lot of goodies including some molasses that I think the girls would like. I will use it as scratch substitute as a treat at the end of the day and see how they like it.

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