Can I free range my silkies?

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10 Years
Nov 16, 2009
Have 13 in a 30x10 pen, with a 12x8 coop attached. But hate to have them in litter all the time, cant move the pen anymore since adding the coop, can I free range them with the EE"s. I do have cats but they pay no attention to the chickens.
I have a wild life reserve all around my house and an occasional hawk does fly over. They are so docile am afraid to let them out but hate for them not to get grass.
Many breeds, including silkies, are poorly suited for free-range husbandry. I suggest investing in the contruction of another coop that that is lighter and suitalble for use as a chicken tractor. Some measure of protection from predators and weather will be provided and they can be given access to fresh ground everytime it is moved which can be multiple times per day or once a week depending on concerns about how yard is impacted.
I successfully free ranged my two silkies for two years and my polish for nearly a year; until one day when a hawk decided to show up. I lost the crested breeds to that hawk.

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