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May 13, 2020
So I picked up a duck egg that was abandoned by it's mother about a month ago. I Don't have an actual incubator but the duck seems to still be alive. It's been 31 days and I wanted to know if this seemed normal. I noticed that there was a transparent spot but around it some browning was occurring. The problem was that the spot the bottom of the egg so I ended up turning it over. I wasn't sure if the duck was trying to pip here. I'm still unsure what to look out for and what is what because this is a new experience, I just wanted to know if there are specific things I should be doing to make sure it has a good hatch.


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Highly unlikely it is still viable after a month with no incubation. Discoloration may be due to rotting. Have you candled it?

The duck is being placed under a heating lamp and I've been candling it. It has been developing during the past month. right now I can see movement inside the egg.
It could just be not enough humidity keep candling if you notice little movement crack it to help it out

If I crack the egg too early though won't that put the duckling in danger? Should I just keep waiting? is there anyway I can increase the humidity

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