can i have two roosters with 5 hens??


10 Years
May 13, 2009
my hubby and i are new to having chickens so we thought we'd start small....we got 7 chicks. however, they are about 4.5 months old and we suspect that we may TWO roosters. is it possible for two roosters to live together nicely with only 5 hens. the two roosters are cochin and barred rock (i dont know if breed would make a difference). we arent even sure if we can have roosters since we live in the city (and have close neighbors), but we really love our babes and would hate to have to give away 1 let alone 2!!

the coop is 6x8x8 and the run is 12x10x4 (not sure if coop and run room would have anything to do with it either)

thanks in advance to all responses.
if they were raised together as chicks you will be alright juyst be ready for some minimal fighting for dominence, once that is established you should be ok
I did for a while. I had 2 RIR roos and 4 pullets. One roo was clearly submissive and the other was pretty agressive, but they didn't fight between themselves enough that I could ever notice. In fact they ran around together when they free ranged.

Anyway, meanie bit me all the time so now I just have "mr submissive" and he's all-around a great rooster both with his hens, with me, and against predators.

Edit: The only thing I would worry about (if they don't fight much) is wearing your hens out, if you know what I mean.
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I have 2 six month old roos - a GLW and a Blue Cochin....they were together since hatching and so far, so good. They even "cuddle" sometimes. I'm still keeping a wary eye out, though!
I had two roos with 5 hens, but then we lost a hen; so now we're down to 2 roos and 4 hens (1 pair of blue andalusians - rooster and hen; and 4 blue orpingtons - 1 rooster and 3 hens)

I started penning them separate at night, and sometimes for part of the day; just so the BA roo gets a chance to romance his own lady and to give the smaller BA hen some "safe" time away from the larger Orp rooster. But I still let them all free-range together, and they act like one big, happy flock.

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