can i help her hatch?

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  1. when my chicks start hatching can i pull away the shell to help them so they have more energy rather than spending it on getting out?

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    No, chicks start hatching, pipping and zipping, before they are ready to come out sometimes. So they'll have this little beak sticking out of the hole, driving you crazy, while inside the egg they are still busy absorbing the yolk sac and the blood in the membrane. By making the hole bigger you cause the membrane to dry out on the chick, which'll shrink wrap it and make it very hard if not impossible for it to get out. You could also very easily damage one of the little veins in the membrane, causing blood loss.
    It can take chicks up to 24 hours to hatch completely and some go even longer. Unless it's obvious that the chick needs a little help let it do it's thing, sit on your hands! By "helping" a bit now, only to realise the chick is not ready you can actually do more harm than good. It is possible to help with the hatch and end up with a healthy happy chick, but you have to be patient and leave it as a last resort. There are some threads and discussions on the topic in this sticky:

    Incubating & Hatching Eggs Important Topic Index - Please Review
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    X2 - Leave them alone! Chicks have been hatching for a long time without human intervention. How do you suppose they managed without our help for all those years?

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