Can I just have ONE Silkie rooster with a flock of standard?


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Feb 17, 2011
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Or is this asking for trouble? Last year, we tried to mix him into the flock but they picked on his horribly, I guess because he looked different. All my hens are red or black and he stuck out like a sore thumb being a white Silkie. Later a pair of Porcelain came into our possession, so we just housed those three together. One of the Porcelain was adopted, the second died today. So, now Silkie is alone. Can I introduce him in? Currently, my rooster for my flock is a Mille Fleur d' Uccle and he is an excellent rooster to them. Great at protecting the flock. So, he's a little shorter than the Silkie is, I'm not sure if he would still try and fight or what. I'm assuming yes regardless of size, just because they are boys.

I have 14 hens, the Mille Fleur and the Silkie in question. Is this an OK hen to rooster ratio, and am I setting him up for death trying to add him in with a rooster who has had the girls to himself for a year? My hens are coop/run kept, they do not free range if that matters. I just hate that he's the odd ball out. I don't want the hens to pick on him all the time.


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Once again he will be a stranger to the flock. The present flock rooster will fight him and most likely the hens also. It's just the way the pecking order works. Try introducing some of the more mellow hens to him one at a time on his turf.

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