Can I keep 1 silkie roo with standard hens?


5 Years
Apr 30, 2014
A little history...I am new to chickens and have not had the best of luck...I started out with 8 hens and cocci got 4 of them even though I treated as soon as I realized what was going on. The surviors seem to be doing well now and I actually added another hen which brings me to 5 hens- 1 barred rock, 1 jersey giant, 2 turkens(one is laying already) and a dutch bantam- all are around 5 1/2 months old except the one laying and she is alittle older.

I was happy and content to let them be and just wait on the eggs...I was not adding anymore since I had so many issues.

My father-in-law showed up with 2 chickens(a 3 month old silkie rooster and a month old polish top hat) for my birthday...I did some research and found that silkies don't roost or climb or I contacted the lady he got them from and got the silkies brother so the one wouldnt be sleeping alone.

But now it seems the original one is having issues with one of its legs...I asked the breeder and she said sometime silkies do have leg problems but it woudl be ok...I am giving him vitamins hoping its just a deficiency however its not looking good.

All that to ask...if/when the one rooster doesn't get better....would only 1 silkie rooster be ok in with the girls?
It will be just fine. My friend has had a single silkie hen in her flock forever. She's probably five years old now and she's a feisty little thing. She's doing just fine. I'm sure a rooster would be fine too with the large fowl.
I only have a Silkie rooster in my flock. He is the perfect gentleman. He would do perfectly fine with the girls. It's better to have him be the only rooster since you don't have many hens. Although I got lucky, my Silkie and Easter Egger Roo are best friends.
My main worry would be his size, since he's a few months younger than the others. When you decide to add him, be sure to check up on him for the first few days. I've seen silkies injured badly in a matter of hours by breeds otherwise considered nonaggressive.

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