Can I make my own grit?

Discussion in 'DIY / Self Sufficiency' started by mc3742, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. mc3742

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    Nov 30, 2012
    My question is simply can I make my own grit for the chickens? If I can make it could someone please tell me how.

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  2. yinepu

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    If the chickens are free ranging they will usually find enough grit on their own

    Honesty it's probably not worth the effort to make your own since it's not very expensive to buy it

    Most "store bought" grit is pulverized granite.. so you would have to find granite and then a way to crush it

    Oyster shell is just that.. crushed oyster shells

    Some rocks are also toxic.. so I wouldnt advise just going out and beating any ol rocks you find with a hammer unless you know what they are.
  3. mc3742

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    Nov 30, 2012
    Thank you for your help
  4. Cknldy

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    Nov 6, 2012
    Appalachian mtns
    I collect the tiny gravel spread by dept of transportation during winter for icy roads. It piles up on the sides of the road and isn't used for anything else so why not? Because of the chemicals and salt added to it for de-icing I wash gravel in dawn water and let dry. Most of it is the size of grit sold in stores and my chickens haven't had a problem with it. Free and helps the environment too!
  5. Quailsong

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    Apr 20, 2013
    I personally wouldn't do this, even if I were to super wash & bleach it. Not only are you picking up chemicals/salt from the de-icer, you're also picking up traces of tar/asphalt debris, motor oils, anti-freeze, and who knows what else.

    If you eat their eggs, or meat, definitely wouldn't do this.

    OP, just pick up a bag of 'play sand' at the hardware store. You can get 100lbs of it for pretty cheap. Will last you years...
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  6. Amos Herrera

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    May 11, 2015
    This is a more complex question than you realize. But the short answer is YES. That being said, purchased grit will probably be easier, but that's not what you asked. Someone else on here talked about dirt from the roadside. I would avoid that too just because who knows whats in it. But realistically any calcium and stone mix you come up with will do. The grit size will depend on your chicken size. Limestone, oyster shells, clam shells, muscle shells, snail shells, ect... Little tiny pebbles and you got it. When I was a kid we used to get a shovel full of course sand/ fine gravel from the stream out behind my house, they picked through it and took what they wanted.

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