Can I mix chicks and guinea keets?


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May 15, 2012
I have 24 guinea keets that are a week old today, and one chicken chick that just hatched out yesterday. Can I put the chick in with the keets safely, or should I worry about the keets attacking it and pecking at it? I should also have hopefully 5 more chicks hatching out in a few days and would like to put them all in together.

Any ideas/info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
We used to keep chickens and guineas together in our yard with no problems, but they were mature... I suggest you put them together and keep a close eye on them to see what they do. Maybe wait 'till your chick(s) are a few days old and stronger.
Would you recommend the same if mine are 6 younger keets (3 wks old) that we need to introduce into the flock of 18 chicks (6 weeks old) ?? We are just starting out, so there are no adult birds here, but the chicks have been in the coop and run for about 3 weeks - can I just put the keets out with them, or do I need to have a mesh separation in the coop for some period of time, for them to "get used to" each other? Thanks for any advice!! : )
We introduced mature guineas to mature chickens with no problems.
I'd suggest your idea of keeping them separately together in a coop and see how they get on before mixing them.

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