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    i have a big 2 yr. RIR roo, & 4- 2yr. old standard size hens, i want to know if i can put my new babies in with them, they were born 4-17-08, which makes them 3 months old, they are , 2 barred rock pullets standard size, & 3 silkie roo,s & 1 silkie pullet, & 1 australorp pullet, can they be put together in an inclosed run, 10x20 with a coop, will the big rooster hurt the little silkie roo,s or hurt the silkie hen? or will they be ok?? i have them in a smaller pen right next to the bigger run, so they do know each other.
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    Quote:well , I have a coop and run for the whole flock . BUT we got 8 bantams and hubby tried putting one lil slikie bantam ROOS in the run , and OMG , glad he was there , they would of killed him .

    I was told to introduce them gradually , by putting cage close by RUN area so they can see each other , BUT , I was also told , NOT to mix silkies/ cochins , with regular sized roos , they will injure them or kill them . So , my 8 bantams ( 2 roos ) and 6 hens ) are in a totally separate cage and will not be mixed with the regular flock .
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