Can I Move My Started Eggs ???

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    Jun 13, 2016
    I have an incubator with an egg turner and several eggs that have been in there for a week now. I am getting ready to move (a little unexpectedly) and it will be before the eggs are ready to hatch. Should I take the incubator along on my 9 hour drive to my new place? I realize theres a risk i could lose some which I could live with, but if theres no chance of me having any viable eggs after that drive then I dont wanna waste my time.

    And if the case is that the eggs wont make it there and be hatchable, is there a way I can collect new eggs and store them for transport and then hatch them in the incubator once I reach my destination?
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    You will get more info from others by going to Forum scroll down to Backyard chickens then over to Incubating and Hatching Eggs. I would not go to all of the trouble myself since it would be difficult to maintain 99.5 F temperature plus the proper humidity. You would also need to manually turn the eggs 3 times a day. Of course if you could get a broody hen who likes to travel, she might be able to hatch them for you, LOL.

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