Can I or Should I Move Momma & Nest?


9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
Cedar Springs, Michigan
We are suppose to get crappy weather this weekend, lots of wind, rain, and cold temps. I know ducks don't like change, but would you think it would be safe to move momma and igloo w/eggs to our garage to get her better out of the enviroment that is suppose to take place this weekend and then just keep her there until or if anything comes of these eggs? She did take a break and I was able to candle them, I'm not sure if it's still to early, but I THINK I do see development in all 11 eggs, certainly I can tell more in 9 of them, as it would be on day 4-5, or blood ring, I will know better by next week since she started laying FT on Monday. But I just wondered now that she is taking a break if this would be a good opportunity to get things moved to a more secure warmer place. Her nest would remain the same, the only thing would be area that isn't. Her smell, her feathers and everything would be in the igloo that she is accustomed to.
I was going to post and then I thought you should sit and think for a while. You could move it, but you have a 50/50 chance that it stresses her out and the stops sitting. Ducks can handle temps down to -20 degrees. I don't think that it will get that cold right now. She will be fine.

BTW my name is all a's. Katharina It also took my husband 2 years to pronounce it right! He tried to avoid it by calling me dear sweety etc. Just to funny. In this country only two get it right on the first try. Germans and Hispanics.
LOL, ok that you for the clarification. I'm just a worried paranoid 1st time ducky mom that wants everything to go smooth, but I am being realistic, this is her 1st time not everything goes smooth for some, and yada yada. I also think that from what I saw are not blood rings but the start of what will be veins after thinking and comparing, so she is right on schedule with my calculations of sitting FT. But honestly, I think only 8-9 are vital, the 2 from the 1st batch that I put back doesn't look anything like the other 9 for day 5, pretty clear, while the others look to be developing, we'll wait until next week to candle them if she takes another break. LOL poor Ming-Ming(daddy) he's been so lonely, following me, coming up to the deck, knocking on the slider to come in. She took a break today and he was so super excited he couldn't hardly contain himself, he tried mounting her but she wouldn't have anything to do with it. God I don't blame her! I also hope that nothing happened yesterday to my babies, I will be bringing them back today carefully, my mom is suppose to have my nieces this weekend, and if she has my youngest ones, they will NOT be able to keep their mitts off of the incubator. But I'm going to secure everything so they don't slide around. I also hope my dented egg is still viable. OH BTW, where can I get 100% bees wax? I did buy some like lip balm that is called bees wax, and the 1st main incrediant is bees wax, then the rest is natural stuff.
Also, my mom said that the humidity in the incubator has been staying around 70%, is that ok at this stage of the game?? She nor I have misted them yet today, but it was high yesterday from the ride there with the hot car and ect. How high is to high before or after lock down? I want to make sure it's not to low, I don't want baby to shrink wrap, if things happen while I"m gone I want to make things as easy as possible for the baby to be able to get out.

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