Can I paint the inside of the chicken coop?


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Dec 3, 2013
Hello! Just wondering if it was safe to paint the inside of the chicken coop? I was thinking the outside of the nesting boxes, and the walls. Thanks!!
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Newer latex should be fine. Are your chickens already living in there? I tried painting the inside of mine. Seemed like id need a 5gal bucket the way the plywood was just soaking up the kilz.
As long as you are using latex paint I don't think there's a problem with it. I used up some left over paint on the inside of mine, painted it to try and make it easier to clean.
Oil based paint or stain would be better. Even something like painting with linseed oil would work fine. You don't have to "paint" the wood per say, but the goal should be sealing it. Sealing will make it last longer and easier to clean. An oil based paint wont flake and come off as easy as a latex paint. I think oil based paints adhere to wood surfaces dramatically better. But either oil or latex based would be fine.
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